Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A new year and new beginnings....start your year with positivity and enthusiasm.  This time of the year is exciting and motivating.  We should begin to refocus ourselves and our goals in life.  Take a moment to look at who we have become and analyse ourselves to ensure we are on the path in which we want to be heading.  I like to start the new year by doing the following. 

1. Writing a remember list.   This is a list of things that you feel are of value and importance to you.  They are usually to do with your state of mind.  This is my remember list for 2013:

2. A vision board.  This is a board filled with words and images that inspire you to work hard and stay focused on what you want in life.  We often have a picture in our minds of where we want to be in the future but seeing a physical version of this each day is really beneficial.  Fill the board with a variety of elements.  Some people are too concerned with the materialistic and physical things, try to fill the board with emotions, relationships and health related items and let the materialistic images fill up the remaining space.  After all your relationships, emotional state and health are all far more important than a new car or a higher paid job.  Without them you can't enjoy the benefits of the materialistic.

3. A miscellaneous notebook.  This notebook has several purposes; a diary, ideas space, creative outlet, motivational tool and a memory.  I prefer a blank sketchpad without lines.  Ensure you get a nice quality book as this is something you will keep and want to use for the year.  Record your goals in here, put in inspiring quotes, images and ideas you may have for your school, uni, work or business plans.  This a nice personal record of your mind's progression throughout the year.  You don't need to be creative or artistic each person will have an individualised book perfectly suited to who they are.  

I hope these things help you to start the new year with enthusiasm and optimism for a wonderful year ahead.  Remember...

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